Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2008 A Year To Like Stuff

I understand that it's January 7th 2009, but you know what?! If Keith Olbermann can do it, so can I.

2008 movies/music/etc..............................



Watching Wall-E is like the soul's equivalent to being hugged by a giant de-clawed panda. It is so sickeningly cute that when other people mention it in passing I temporarily pass out from adorable diabetes. With a few beeps, boops and broken mechanical english, a robot taught me how to love, oh and the importance of recycling and exercise. ROBOTS IN LOVE!

Wall-E Outrage

When I genuinely love a bauble of pop culture I develop a sick facination with the pandering and hatin' of it. I giggled when conservatives called Wall-e "Mathusian Fear Mongering" and when fat people got all huffy when their kids laughed at them and said "you sit in a chair all day too!"

The Dark Knight

I only saw this because I wanted to gawk at Health Ledger. It was pretty good, but sort of long. Long enough to start mocking Christian Bale's husky voice.


Beyonce, "Single Ladies"

Beyonce has this gift of putting a song in the public's collective heart. Specifically people who have cameras and youtube accounts. Thanks for looking out for me, B!


M.I.A. "Paper Planes"

You know you were obsessed with this song all summer. When it would come on you would pump up the volume, put down the windows of your sedan and blast that shit. Thats right, put the paper plane hands up in the ayyy-er!


Law and Order: Special Victims Unit

Wait, you don't watch this show? Did you know Ice-T is in it? He makes a boob joke every episode. I bet you'll watch it now.

Best Week Ever

It's the Best! (wink wink wonk!)

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