Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Kevin Kline!

Kevin Kline is probably my favorite actor of all time. My colleague, Ms. Dunk, would tell you that I talk about him or his movies ALL THE TIME, like probably everyday. For instance, here are 2 examples of hypothetical conversations we've had in the recent past:

Her: Sarah Palin's VP nomination proves that literally any jackass could be president.
Me: Well, if you've seen the movie Dave starring Kevin Kline then you would know that all it takes is common sense...any person off the street could probably do it. And please, do not misunderstand me: this is not a statement of support for Palin...that woman is a dumb ass.


Her: Do you think Italian or French is the more romantic language?
Me: I don't care. But Jamie Lee Curtis' character in A Fish Called Wanda would
definitely say Italian since she and her vagina freak the fuck out whenever Kevin Kline's character speaks Italian to her.
So of course I have to extend my happiest wishes to Mr. Kline on his 61st birthday. Keep those awesome movies coming Kev!

(And if you think its weird that hes my favorite actor--since I am 22 and he is 61, and most of his best movies were made before I could tell the difference--then you need to get the hell off my blog!)

Here is the funniest clip from his hilarious Oscar-winning performance in A Fish Called Wanda:

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