Sunday, September 14, 2008

What is Weezy Doing RIGHT NOW?!

If you are one this site's many followers then you know that we have recently discovered the worldwide phenomenon Weezy. That's rapper Lil Wayne's nickname for fellow hip-hop illiterates. Its not that we didn't know who Lil Wayne was (hes Lil Kim's sister, right?). We just weren't aware that he and this Weezy fellow we've been hearing so much about (especially from Michael Phelps) are the SAME PERSON! Silly us.

We regret that it has taken us this long to realize our ignorance, but we are happy to report that now that we've attained enlightenment, we are obsessed with Weezy! He's always on our minds. We were hootie hooing him on SNL tonight. We downloaded his new single as our ringtones. We're even considering matching tattoos. We love Weezy so much that we are constantly asking one another, "What do you think Weezy is doing right now?!" This seems like an innocent question, right? Wrong! It has actually caused true fights between us. We never agree on Weezy's whereabouts. Take tonight for example: we both had different ideas about how Weezy spent his time after performing on SNL.

I thought Weezy might unwind quietly at home by doing a relaxing jigsaw puzzle. After all, US Weekly tells me that celebrities are just like me:

Whereas my partner thought Weezy and Michael Phelps celebrated their SNL success by ordering McDonald's Happy Meals and playing with the free toys:

I would like to point out some flaws with this second picture. First, two cheeseburgers definitely will not satiate Michael Phelps' appetite! Second, this McDonald's is empty. Obviously if Weezy and Phelps showed up to an establishment (club, bar, fast food restaurant, et al) the place would be jumpin jumpin!

So faithful readers, we are asking for your assistance. Help us settle this debate. Of the two photos above, which one is a more accurate depiction of what Weezy is doing RIGHT NOW?! Let us know your vote in the comments section.


Anonymous said...

Fucking 5,000 piece puzzle! Weezy could do it in record time. Straight up beast

Anonymous said...

I definitely think weezy would enjoy a wind down of a jig saw puzzle.

PhelpsPhan said...

Snoopy happy meal toy...Weezy's all over it

? said...


Anonymous said...

i want to eat mcdonalds with lil wayne!