Thursday, September 4, 2008

Is Jack Nicholson connected to the death of Kurt Cobain?

Whenever one of my college professors heard the word 'Wikipedia' they would immediately transform into a terrifying fire monster that murdered everyone in sight.

Wikipedia??!!!! WHATTTT?I%$#U#$(#oi48zpofsgrogj
Syllabus specifically states scholarly sources onlyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!! Rawwrrrrrfki!!!ojkn!
Open-content collaborative writing processes????!!!!!!!!!????ebksorhhfzfslr
After I'm done with you I am going to kill your roommate and mother!!!RRRRRRRAWWWR

Teachers are such squares though. Wikipedia is awesome! Most of the information you read is accurate...or at least vaguely accurate if taken with a grain of salt. I mean, I'm not using it to disprove game theory, just to look up little tibdits about popculture and other miscellaneous items.

What I love most is that you can read for hours clicking on the various interconnected links each page contains, learning so many new things you probably won't retain. Its funny how far you can stray from your original search subject. Each time I look for something on Wikipedia its like a magical journey with no specific destination in mind and many peculiar stops along the way.

I decided to document my most recent such journey for your reading pleasure. I think you will find it rather curious:

START: Jack Nicholson (because I just watched Terms of Endearment)
Debra Winger (his co-star, love her, want to know more)
Arliss Howard (Deb's husband, is he the namesake of the show Arli$$ on HBO?)
Tate-LaBianca murder trial (He was in a movie about this)
Charles Manson (redirected from Tate murder)
Category: Self declared messiahs (How could I not click on a link like this?!)
Marshall Applewhite (leader of the Heaven's Gate cult)
Category: relgious people who committed suicide (also intriguing)
The Singing Nun (woa!! she commited suicide??)
Category: Popular musicians who committed suicide
Kurt Cobain (obviously)
FINISH: The Death of Kurt Cobain (conspiracy theories galore!)

Am I crazy to conclude that Jack Nicholson is connected to Cobain's death? You be the judge.

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