Monday, September 8, 2008

Doggie Dopplegangers!

Last night I was watching the newest episode of Mad Men (which was fabulous in case you were wondering) when I had an epiphany. Don Draper kind of reminds me of my dog! And I don't mean that in an insulting way. Au contraire. If anything its a compliment, both these gentlemen are classically handsome. Have a look.


C'mon...just a little bit don't you think?

No? How about now...

Man's best friend?

Still no? Then perhaps these other actors could pass as the human version of my dog.

Montgomery Clift:
Minus the whole chronic substance abuse thing.

Zach Braff:

Minus the whole pretentious wannabe indie filmmaker thing.

Billy Crudup:
Minus the whole breaking up with baby mama, Mary Louise Parker, while extremely pregnant thing.

And just to clear the air. First, I didn't just list any actor I could think of with dark hair. A lot of thought went into this. Second, when I say "a lot of thought went into this"...I mean precisely 10 minutes went into this. (Plus like 45 minutes to Photoshop dog features on Don...which I did while watching). My point is I don't want to seem like some weirdo who thinks about doggie dopplegangers all day and then posts about it. The end.


Anonymous said...

i have always associated most of my friends with an animal that i thought they looked i totally can relate to your thinking someone looks like your dog!

b'way fan crudup said...

Dear Alex,
As funny as I find your rendition of Don Draper as a puppy. I wish you would leave Billy Crudup alone. First you mentioned him in the Claire Danes post awhile back. Now this. We do not know the true circumstances involving his breakup with Mary Louise Parker, and who are we to judge at all? Breakups are hard enough as it is, and being in the public eye only akes it harder. Not to sound harsh, but if Parker wasn't pregnant she might not have come off blame free in the situation. Since she was.. Crudup is under fire. All I am saying is, two sides to every story.

I will continue to read your site cause I enjoy the content but I needed to voice that.

-Anonymous fan of both Billy and you