Monday, September 22, 2008

Celebrity Dopplegangers Vol. 2

As my partner so ingeniously pointed out, it seems that every single person in the world has a doppleganger. I know that I do. Mine is a black woman who was a legendary decathlete in the 80s. (It's true that I am a white male, but if you knew what I looked like then you wouldn't think its odd. Trust me.) So anyway, in my partner's post she has pointed out three different pairs of celebrity dopplegangers. But with over 6.6 billion people in the world, this list certainly is not complete. Rather it is a work in progress as there are plenty more celebrity pairings where these came from. Thus we have the newest feature on our blog!

Tucker Bounds/Peter Krause

In the past few weeks I've watched John McCain's spokesperson, the youthful Tucker Bounds, get absolutely served on several major news networks. Campbell Brown of CNN tore him a new one during an interview. How he still has his job is truly beyond me. While I was watching these gruesome wrestling matches, I couldn't help but notice he looks like the dude from Six Feet Under, Peter Krause. I quickly forgot about it until I was in the Subway in NYC this weekend and saw a poster of Peter promoting the show Dirty Sexy Money. I was instantly reminded.

Coincidence or twins separated at birth?

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Anonymous said...

Ah, Peter Krause - he is classic on Dirty Sexy Money. Have you seen the show? The promo is juicy - I can't imagine what this season will be like...