Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Favorite Paintings I've Seen In Person

This post was written to prove to our vast readership that I am not a complete philistine. I care about things other than television, funnily named objects, and junk food. For example, I go to museums to appreciate classic art. And even more frequently I attend gallery openings to drink free wine marvel at the accomplishments of the art world's diverse talents. Here are just a few of my favorite paintings I've been lucky enough to see in person.

Las Meninas by Diego Velazquez. Museo del Prado, Madrid, Spain

One: Number 31, 1950 by Jackson Pollock. MoMA, New York, NY.

Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh. Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, PA.

Gas by Edward Hopper. MoMA, New York, NY

The Third of May 1808 by Francisco de Goya. Museo del Prado, Madrid, Spain.

Broadway Boogie Woogie by Piet Mondrian. MoMA, New York, NY.

Guernica by Pablo Picasso. Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid, Spain.

Christina's World by Andrew Wyeth. MoMA, New York, NY.

There you have it. So next time you think I seem uncultured, just remember that can't be true because I like art. I just might not feel like talking about it all the time.

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