Thursday, August 7, 2008

A few of my favorite things, my turn!

Following the lead of my partner in crime, the following is a list of things that keep me cool during the summertime.

Rihanna: Last summer's biggest pop hit was indisputably "Umbrella" by Rihanna. (The video was pure sex.) I really enjoyed the song, until it was overplayed and then I wanted to murder a baby every time I heard the ella ella ella part. Well this summer Rihanna has given us another highly addictive funkfest of a song called "Disturbia." And I know that in like 2 weeks I am going to want to rip off my ears when it comes on the radio, but until then...bum bum bee dum bum bum be dum bum!

Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons: Besides Rihanna, all I seem to listen to on my Ipod this summer is the Four Seasons. Hits like "Sherry Baby" and "Big Girls Don't Cry" make for a perfect summer soundtrack. How do they hit those high notes? They are the original Mariah Carey.

Mad Men: I've already professed my love for all things Mad Men so I will be brief. But season 2 is underway, and let me just say the honeymoon of our proverbial marriage has not ended.

Ithaca, NY: I got the chance to visit some friends in Ithaca in early July. It was my first time there and I will agree with the slogan, Ithaca is Gorges. Can't think of a better way to beat the heat than to climb a waterfall and then jump off! I was a bit scared (not of heights or the impact, but of slipping and spilling my brains into the dam). I had to ask random strangers to hold my hand.Canoeing: Keeping with the theme of outdoor adventures, I've been canoeing a lot at a lake near my house. I can't think of much more to say about it except that I always weirdly forget about it the next morning when I am really sore and wondering why. It takes me a really long time, sometimes days, to remember the source of my pain.

Reading: I've read the following books. Love is a Mixed Tape by Rob Sheffield, Amsterdam by Ian McKeown, The Constant Gardener by John le Carre, and Bright Lights, Big City by Jay McInerney. I would recommend all of them.

Weird obsessions: No summer is complete without weird things to research on the internet. This summer I've been really into Stockholme Syndrome, collective animal names (my love of which has been well documented on this blog), and crazy first ladies, such as Mary Todd Lincoln. All of these things are both totally nuts and intriguing. Like did you know Mrs. Lincoln was committed to an insane asylum at one point? And that a group of sharks is called a "shiver."

Lemonade tea: This beverage, also known as an Arnold Palmer, is a delightful blend of lemonade and iced tea (excuse the redundancy). I consume approximately one half gallon of this treat per day. Mostly I drink the Wawa version (do not ask me what that video is, its weird to me too).

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